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CubbyCove baby pillow made with incredibly soft tencel fibers, designed to prevent positional plagiocephaly | aqua green
CubbyCove baby pillow dimensions, length, width and height | exquisite aqua green color
CubbyCove baby pillow infographic, incredibly smooth, prevents flat head syndrome, super breathable fibers | Aqua Green
CubbyCove baby pillow inside washing bag designed to protect the pillow, bag included | Aqua Green
CubbyCove baby pillow side view shot | aqua green

Baby Pillow for Newborns and Infants - Aqua Green

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  • From the creators of the acclaimed CubbyCove Baby Lounger comes the NEW CUBBYCOVE INFANT PILLOW. A great head and neck support pillow for babies to rest and lounge comfortably. Large size for 0-12 months old. Colors available for baby boys and baby girls.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL—Use in Baby Rocker, Swing, Stroller, Gym, Car Seat or High Chair. Ideal for resting, lounging, napping, infant massaging, diaper changing and playtime
  • INCREDIBLY SMOOTH—Designed to pamper babies with the finest, exquisitely soft TENCEL fibers. TENCEL absorbs and releases moisture more efficiently than cotton, keeping your baby’s skin feeling pleasantly cool and dry. Portable and Lightweight. Perfect to use as a BABY TRAVEL PILLOW.
  • HEAD SHAPING PILLOW—Designed to prevent Positional Plagiocephaly, also known as Flat Head Syndrome, by relieving pressure on the infant's head.
  • TRULY BREATHABLE—like no other on the market. Our 3D mesh technology allows for air-permeability and superior hygienic qualities, providing a safe environment for your baby’s sleep. It’s MACHINE WASHABLE and also comes with a washing bag for extra care when placing in the washing machine.