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The Truly Breathable Baby Lounger and Co-sleeping Pod

The Truly Breathable Baby Lounger and Co-sleeping Pod

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This little eden for your baby is sturdy yet lightweight. Its design won’t smother, squeeze or squish your little one, we leave that for when you have them in your arms.

Also, CubbyCove has a gentle 5º angle, made with soft and breathable fibers… Overall a comfortable, warm and cozy environment for your sweet bundle of joy!

Designed with love and care, and made with soft, durable and breathable fibers – Nothing is more important than our little ones well-being, and therefore every last detail was taken into account with the design of the CubbyCove. It’s truly breathable like no other available on the market. Designed and Built with High Quality Soft 3D Mesh Fabric, which is known worldwide for its amazing properties of High Permeability, Durability, Compression Strength, Breathability, Pressure Redistribution and Anti-Bacterial. The outer cover has the same principals but made to be very soft, cushiony and gentle for your baby.

A Supervised Environment for Tummy Time – We are all aware of the benefits of Tummy Time, helping babies strengthen their head, neck and upper body muscles, as well as building coordination for rolling over, crawling and more. But, since the AAP recommends that babies sleep on their backs for safety reasons, finding time and a safe environment for them can be challenging.

3D Mesh


The CubbyCove is designed with highly breathable, cushioned, multi-faceted fabrics known for their naturally ventilation properties.


Additionally, the CubbyCove’s soft and cushiony nature reduces force, making it an ideal surface for your baby to rest comfortably for longer periods.


Unlike regular 2D fabrics, the CubbyCove features German-developed Spacer fabrics to create a breathable 3D “microclimate” between highly permeable layers.


The CubbyCove is lighter and breathes better than traditional loungers and mattresses.


The cool air provided by this ventilating technology pushes out the heat and vapor leaving the baby’s body, providing temperature control and maximum air circulation.


Spacer fabric is found in tennis shoes, backpacks, car seat cushions, bras, among countless other uses. Many European countries have replaced spring and foam with Spacer fabric.